Have you ever wondered how to download a web page, either a beautiful design or has a great article? Ctrl+S? No way, it dumps a bunch of stuff and doesn’t work as you would expect 99% of the time.

If you use Chrome, I want to introduce you a great Chrome plugin Huula Web Clipper. It can clip 99% of the websites on the web with 100% fidelity. Clipped web pages are stored on the cloud, so you never need to worry about loosing them.

Better yet, if you feel inspired today, you can also redesign the clipped websites with drag drop widgets and mix them as you wish.

Combination of pattern with full screen background, Advanced usage of gray color, bold color blocks... This post summaries the 5 web design trends with examples. These trends have seen their fast initial adoption in late 2016, so it's almost inevitable that you'll see more and more of these trends in 2017. If you don't want to fall behind, read on!

07 Nov 2016

What does new Huula do?

It allows you to design on top of any web pages on the Internet. And it'll provide smart Machine Learning based web page synthesis, so you don't even need to design it yourself at all, just give it a few hints and go!

Sounds great! Where are you now? How do I access it?

We are at MVP stage. Click https://huu.la to be the first few. It's under active development, so expect a few bumps. But always drop us a line at huula@berkeley.edu if you need anything.

What will you do to the old services (i.e. website tours)?

Old services will continue to be supported, no worries.

Huula is going to be only accessible through HTTPS.

Dear Huula fans! Huula is going to go through a major update which will simplify the editing experience significantly. After this upgrade, all your previous tutorials will continue working, the only thing you need to take care is to make sure your api script should now come from https://huu.la instead of www.huu.la.